Project Planes

The Aeronca Champion

N6789W is our new Aeronca Champion. Our aircraft was originally registered with the United States Army Air Forces and then went to Canada. It was later donated to the Aspiring Aviators Aero Club from Daytona Beach, Florida. This aircraft has been all over North America. Since we received the aircraft in late September of 2021 and the AAAC has been able to reattach the wings and rebuild the Continental C85 engine at Sun N Fun 2022. The Champ is expected to be completed in time for Sun N Fun 2023.

The J3 Piper Cub

N88107 is our J3 Cub. It rolled off the Piper factory floor in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania in late December 1945. By the Spring of 1946 it was in Kilgore, Texas serving as a primary trainer in a small but successful flight school. For the next 70 years our first project airplane remained in Texas where it trained untold numbers of pilots. In 2017 it was purchased and relocated to central Florida. That’s where its story took a beneficial turn for us. A generous benefactor of the Aspiring Aviators found the airplane disassembled in the early stages of decay in a garage in Arcadia, Florida. He purchased the aircraft, allowing members of the Aspiring Aviators to band together with members of the Lakeland Aero Club to retrieve the airplane and deliver it to our hangar in Winter Haven. Our plan is to restore it and fly it. Allowing members of the Aspiring Aviators Aero Club to build time, gain experience, and mentor those who come behind us in the years to come. 

The Piper Clipper

The Piper PA16 Clipper is a beautiful, four-seat airplane that was only produced in one year, 1949. Because Pan American Airways had dubbed its fleet of transport category aircraft as Clippers, and Pan Am was the largest airline in the world at the time, the carrier took offense at Piper Aircraft selling an aircraft that impinged on what they considered to be unique naming rights. The upshot was Pan Am sued, which led to Piper ending the production run of an otherwise wonderful flying machine.

Our PA16 came to us as a full restoration project, donated to the club by a local pilot. It lacks wings and any paperwork of any kind, but the challenge of addressing and correcting those problems just adds to the educational and vocational potential of the project. Aspiring Aviators have been whittling away at the project since our earliest days. It will likely take us years to finish, but we are dedicated to putting this fine machine back on the FAA registry as an airworthy aircraft, launching it from the runways at Winter Haven Regional Airport, and enjoying the satisfaction that comes from flying an aircraft our members have built with their own hands. 

The J3 Piper Cub

How It Began

A small garage, hiding the J3 Piper Cub.

The History

Our J3 Piper Cub was manufactured on December 29th 1945.

The Transport

Massive thank you to the Lakeland Aero Club for helping us transport the Cub.

The Piper Clipper

Just The Frame

Our Piper PA16 Clipper is a full-restoration project with only the frame of the fuselage assembled. This aircraft is estimated to takes years to complete.